We strive to maintain our Condominium Association properties in a first-class condition in order to preserve their overall appeal and protect the property values of the community. Specific items of preventative maintenance are always discussed with the Board of Directors and then established in an annual budget. Of course, both scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance is done in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

We do not provide maintenance through any of our employees. Instead, maintenance outside the scope of the site manager is contracted with a select group of approved vendors that are responsive, reliable, and cost-effective. Our vendors have proven themselves to us over years of working together, so we know that the work will be superior, and the price will be justified. We are loyal to our vendors, and they value us as customers. Because of this relationship, we are charged lower rates and receive maximum discounts, which ultimately benefit our Condominium Associations. When major maintenance items crop up, they are always put out for competitive bids.

Some of the specific physical plant services that we offer are: